We Speak Your Language!

Although our software technicians and designers
are from various regions of the world; China, Russia,
Northern Europe, and India. They all work together
here in China.

However,  most  of our trained Customer Service  
Representatives are from the U.S. and Canada so we can
communicate with you about your important projects. 

Our teams are very experienced with the latest IT, CMS,
Multi-media,, and Website development technologies.

...and we can develop or modify your software.
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Our Agent: International Marketing is managed by: 
                    US-Chinacom Business Services

                    We focus on Product Development,
                    They focus on our Marketing programs.

Business Office-  US-Chinacom Group
  Harbour City Ocean Center
  5 Canton Road, Floor 12, Suite 1213
  Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

  Hong Kong office: (852 ) 2375 3939 
  Hong Kong fax: (852) 2375 2908

Sales/Marketing- International
  International: 01+ 852.8170.9406
  U.S./Canada: 01+ 1714.656.4099
  Email: e.sales@allmediaz

Sales/Marketing- Mainland China ONLY
  Beijing Allmediaz Technical Co.
  Email: china@allmediaz