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Beijing China 2008
Company information- We develop Private Brand Software

University students in Beijing first began developing multimedia programs in spring of 2001. With the growth of the 
Internet in China, Allmediaz began to focus on easy-to-use, cost effective IT Software and Website Platforms.
The new SAAS Platform serves as a simple and complete website template for small business and also personal websites.

Growing demand Globally-
By 2003 there came a growing demand from Europe, South America and the United States for simple and low cost
CMS website platforms, Dynamic Online website editors, forum templates, site search tools, photo albums, B2B directories
multimedia audio and video websites. Allmediaz is now one of the leading development of Dynamic Website templates 
and platforms to meet the low cost demands globally.

Language and Marketing barriers-
In 2004 the Beijing software technicians were discovered by the President of VDO2 Software in the United States. VDO2
was already one of the fastest growing companies in Private Brand and OEM  DVR software. They had innovative marketing
concepts and visionary strategies but the VDO2 growth limitation was finding software technicians that were also skilled,
competent, and affordable. The U.S. and Latin America were no longer an option for VDO2 to find software technicians.

Global Expansion, better technology, lower costs-
In the Spring of 2005 VDO2 merged with Beijing Allmediaz.  Under the direction of VDO2 Software, Beijing Allmediaz innovative
and economical OEM and Private Brand  services are now available globally.  The VDO2 management has provided all the
necessary links and credibility to the global marketplace. Although our software technicians and designers are now from various
regions of the world; China, Russia, Northern Europe, and India. They all work together here in China under the direction of
American and Western management teams with a good knowledge of the technology and global markets.

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